2014. 3. 28. · LED Notifications not working Some problems have been showing with the LED in the Moto G not working when users get a SMS, e-mail, etc. This has been tied to importing data from a Google Account from a previous phone. Try Settings>Security>Enable Widgets #2 Dec 15, 2014 txaspeat Member My 'missed' alerts all appear in the notifications bar at the top of the screen, no on screen 'missed' icons on my 2014, its normal as far as I know. #3 Dec 28, 2014 Thom VIP Member I use. Moto Moto Audio. More apps Google Play. Contacts Maps. Drive Music, movies, TV & YouTube. Clock ... Not all apps will work in split screen. To close the split ... Icons at the top show notifications and phone status icons. Swipe up from center bottom to : get to your apps. App icons along the bottom are commonly used apps: phone, message.

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